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Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park is famous for its fear inducing thrill rides and stomach churning spins and drops. A real treat for both adults and children! If you are thinking of visiting the resort then The Park hotel is an ideal choice for accommodation as we are situated only 16 miles away!
  • WHAT IS IT: A whirlwind of crazy rides, shriek inducing rollercoasters, twisting water rides and so much more! Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is just for the adults though… there is plenty for younger children to enjoy - from the new “I’m A Celebrity Get Me out Of Here” maze to a wide variety of rides, events and attractions designed for the smaller ones.
  • HOW FAR IS IT: Thorpe Park is only 16.2 miles from the Park Hotel, making it less than a 30 minute car journey!

Thorpe Park


As the ever popular Thorpe Park prepares to re-open its doors once again on 23rd March, something sinister awaits in the form of a brand new ride – “Derren Brown’s Ghost Train”. This terrifying new attraction promises to test the strongest of thrill seekers with its demonic twists and turns – plunging riders into a frenzied hell of super scary live action and jaw dropping special effects.

Are you brave enough to endure it? If so, the ride will be available from 31st March onwards…


During the spring and summer months, Amity Beach is a fabulous area that is suitable for all ages and perfect for smaller children and babies. With sand and water galore, families can secure a location on the “beach area” and watch their littles splash to their hearts content!

If visiting in Autumn or Winter, the park still have plenty to offer the toddler with a selection of rides suitable for those less than 0.9m. Many parents will be familiar with the phenomenon that is “Angry Birds” and excitingly, Thorpe Park is home to the World’s first Angry Birds 4D experience which is open to all ages.


There is more than enough to keep older children entertained here.

Many of the most popular rides have a 1.4m height restriction but for those taller than this – the whole Thorpe park experience is accessible! From the giant spinning Vortex to the bottomless Nemesis Inferno – the park has enough fear factor to impressive even the coolest of customer!


This thrill a minute theme Park is a fantastic choice for any adrenaline seeking adult. Most people immediately think of Thorpe Park as the go to place for awesome rollercoasters in the UK and it’s obvious why once you visit! Hopefully most visitors will have at least a day to sample each of the rides but if time is short – we have compiled our “Top Three Picks” for thrill seeking adventurers!

  • No. 1: STEALTH Fancy being shot 250 feet into the air at 80 miles per hour? But of course you do! What fun! Especially when the impressive rate of acceleration is gravity defying 0 to 80 miles in less than 2 seconds. Definitely a ride to kick off your visit to Thorpe Park in style! This looping coaster is one of the fastest in Europe and a firm favourite of ours – perhaps not a good choice for those with a fear of heights though…

  • No. 2: THE SWARM Hitting 4.5 G’s and a top speed of 100 km per hour, Swarm is a terrifying ride and offers riders a choice of riding forwards or backwards… Having discussed the fear factor rating of each with Thorpe Park veterans, the general consensus is the backwards is only for the truly brave…

  • No. 3 NEMESIS INFERNO This inverted rollercoaster stands at 29 metres tall and treats riders to a vertical loop and a zero-g roll while speeding along at close to 50 miles per hour! Based around a steaming, close to erupting volcano, this ride is as unusual as it is terrifying – where else can you expect to be shot with simulated fire whilst experiencing up to 4.5 times the force of gravity…
  • The Park hotel is so close to Thorpe Park making it an ideal hotel to break your journey if you are travelling from far away. Our spacious family rooms are perfect for a family of four and the Park restaurant and bar is open all day for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    We are also located within easy reach of a range of other exciting sights and attractions including: