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Kew Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew Gardens feature a stunning amalgamation of exotic flora and over 1.3 million visitors flock to what is now the world’s largest collection of living plants.
  • WHAT IS IT: The expansive gardens are packed with a diverse assortment of over 30,000 living plants and, if that’s not enough to satisfy your desire, the on-site herbarium is home to more than seven million preserved specimens.
  • HOW FAR IS IT: Kew Gardens is conveniently located just 5.5 miles away from the Park Hotel or just a 15 minute journey by car.

Royal Botanic Gardens - Kew


Between 1st and 17th April, why not enjoy a botanical adventure with the Moomins! Follow an exciting interactive trail that ends at the magical Moomin Festival camp in the wild woodland of the natural area. Georgian cooking demonstrations will be held on various weekends between April and August 2017 and are included in the price of garden entry!

Kew The Music (11th to 16th July 2017) will be an extremely popular week long festival of summer picnic concerts against the backdrop of the stunning gardens. Acts so far include All Saints, Razorlight and Passenger.


Whilst there’s a huge amount to do for adults at Kew Gardens, there are also a number of great activities for kids too.

The Treetop walkway is a great way for kids to start off the day with a fantastic, picturesque view of the gardens and the surrounding land, all whilst traversing a fun path hidden amongst the tree branches.

What’s more, there’s even a purpose-built Badger Sett which provides a unique area whereby kids can travel through a series of tunnel networks and experience first-hand what how badgers live in their underground homes


Naturally, the abundance of luscious wildlife is the main attraction for many adults visiting Kew Gardens, but there are many other great ways to spend your day here too

The arboretum provides visitors with a vast library of over 2,000 trees to explore and the area is especially beautiful during the summer months where it becomes a sea of gorgeous colours once the many trees are in full bloom.

The grandiose Palm House Paterre glasshouse, complete with its verdant surroundings provide an impressive centrepiece as well as a fantastic place to spend hours exploring the countless flowers it has to offer. Originally built in 1848, this massive structure is constructed from 16,000 panes of glass and is home to exotic plants from many tropical areas of the world including the Encephalartos altensteinii, which has been dubbed “the oldest pot plant in the world”.

With such a huge range of things to see and do, Kew Gardens is a perfect place to spend the day – and not just for those with green fingers. Also, at less than 6 miles away from The Park Hotel, you won’t have to spend all day travelling either
Our spacious family rooms are perfect for a family of four and the Park restaurant and bar is open all day for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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