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Hampton Court

Hampton Court is a grandiose royal palace located within Richmond upon Thames in Greater London which dates back to at least 1236.
  • WHAT IS IT: The palace occupies a huge area of land including the building itself, the surrounding gardens and the famous maze which was completed back in the 1690s. Visitors flock from far and wide to gaze at the luxurious interiors of the palace as well as to admire the vibrant and expansive gardens which surround it.
  • HOW FAR IS IT: At just 3.3 miles away, Hampton Court Palace is an incredibly short distance away from The Park Hotel and a great way to spend the day!

Hampton Court Palace


Hampton Court will be organising a special conference to honour the 300th anniversary of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown – a famous English landscape architect who helped shape the appearance of many estates and mansions during the 1700s.

Capability Brown played a large part in the development of Hampton Court’s luscious gardens and, as such, organisers are eager to pay homage to his achievements.

As part of the celebrations, visitors will be taken to various tours and exhibitions where they can gain a deeper insight to the rich history of the palace and the gardens.


There’s a huge amount on offer at Hampton Court for younger children including The Great Garden Game, which combines learning, storytelling and investigation for a fun and educational experience.

In addition, there’s also an intuitive Time Explorers app, downloadable for iOS devices, which makes the journey around the palace even more enjoyable for younger kids by meeting iconic characters from the past and helping them solve their problems.

Hampton Court have also designed family trails, complete with illustrations, quizzes and other activities to help guide visitors throughout the palace and these make it even easier to become immersed within the labyrinth of rooms inside the impressive structure.


The palace itself provides ample reason for adults to visit, and the buildings beautiful interior design, combined with the extravagant architecture and fascinating history offer more than enough for a day of exploration and learning.

However, this summer, the massive gardens at Hampton Court Palace will also be home to the popular Luna Cinema event which allows guests to watch a number of classic films such as Pretty Woman, Jaws and Notting Hill in the tranquil summer air.

The maze at Hampton Court (praised by Ernest Law in 1926 as being “the most famous maze in the history of the world”) is yet another great area of the grounds to explore too. Unlike many mazes in the UK, Hampton Court’s is known as being a multicursal/puzzle maze with its more complicated routes and numerous dead ends. This means reaching the end will be an extremely satisfying experience for the problem solvers (or the less patient) among you!
Being just 3.3 miles away, Hampton Court is situated in close proximity to The Park Hotel which means you can easily retreat back for a delicious gourmet meal.
Since Hampton Court Palace is only 12 minutes by car from the Park Hotel, it is the perfect choice for a day out. We are also happily situated in close proximity to a number of other popular sights and attractions including: